Cash & Carry

open to the public!

Basshams is a wholesale food distribution center located in Fort Worth, Texas. We are excited to be celebrating our 65th year in business! Basshams distributes to a variety of customers and locations. We now service Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas quad state area. We invite you to visit our Cash & Carry store. Cash & Carry is fully stocked for all your kitchen needs, from fryers to grills, Chef knives, bar supplies, food storage containers, stainless steel pans, stock pots or even trash cans, Bassham Cash & Carry has a great selection waiting for you today. Don't forget your produce, the Cash & Carry can get you all the produce staples your restaurant requires. Onions, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes and more are all available on your next visit! Fresh meats are here! Along with fresh eggs we carry fresh Chickens, whole birds, 8 piece cut up's or Split Fryers. Briskets, Pork Loins or Roasts, Bassham always has the quality fresh meats you're looking for. Be sure to check out our Southern Elegance disposable dinnerware. Perfect for all your catering needs we have a full selection of plates, bowls, cups, plastic cutlery, and paper products to satisfy your customer’s needs. Cash & Carry is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! No card or membership required.



monday - friday: 9:00 - 5:30
saturday: 9:00 - 3:00